Why a Skills song? 
Music can mobilizes essential/core parts of us—the notes and rhythms carry us through the moment. It sets us free and anchors us all at the same time! Songs can teach in subtle ways that release awareness, insights, and connections over time.

Using Regulators
Regulators is a fun, versatile tool for us and others. Listening to this song is a New-Me Activity. You can follow the transcript and it is a Focus New-Me Activity. You can dance and bop-around to the beat, making it a Feel Good and Fun New-Me Activity. You can blast it and it is a Distraction New-Me Activity!

Skills songs can be used to teach skills to clients and staff. By playing the song and doing a scavenger-hunt for skills concepts within the lyrics, it can help people understand how to apply skills in “real-life” situations. It can be easier for people to learn from a scenario about a guy “having a real tough day”, than delving into their own lives. It is creates enjoyable teachable moments, making learning fun and reinforcing skills!!!

Reaching and teaching some adolescent (or adult) clients and staff can be challenging. When we can’t go in the front door, we knock on the window. When that doesn’t work, we get more creative and go down the Chimney!

Skills System Rap Team
Gloria T. Han, Clinical Psychology Resident at Brown University/PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychological Science initiated creating Regulators. Gloria works with adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Bradley Hospital in East Providence, RI. She was looking for creative ways to reach and teach these youths and reached out to Samuel Pritchett to create a skills rap song. Gloria’s musical and clinical experience are a valuable part of this team.

Samuel Pritchett is the artist who raps Regulators. Sam is a Nashville singer/songwriter and record producer. He has been touring, writing and making records for 10 years. We can all agree he did an amazing job orchestrating all of the musical aspects of this project.

I, Julie, write lyrics, ensure adherence to the Skills System model, and create the story. I am happy to report we are co-writing another rap, this one will focus on Calm Only skills.

Downloading Regulators
Join the Skills System E-learning and download the Regulators MP3 to use on all of your devices and to share with friends/clients.

Samuel Pritchett
Singer, songwriter and record producer
Nashville, TN