Skills System Training Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Skills System trainings will be either live online trainings or pre-recorded.

Live Online Training

Training Formats and Topics

  • 2-Day Skills Instruction Training
    – Participants learn to conduct skills groups and provide 1:1 skills instruction.
  • 1-Day Advanced Targeted Skills Instruction Training
    – Participants learn to integrate Skills System concepts into individual therapy sessions
    – Completing the 2-Day Instruction Training is a prerequisite for the Advanced training.


  • There is a limit of 100 participants in online trainings.

Additional E-Learning Requirements

All participants must complete the Skills System E-Learning Courses 1 and 2 prior to attending live online trainings.

  • Cost: The cost of the E-Learning is not included in the online training rates below.
    – Cost of e-learning Group Membership: $20 per/person
  • Logistics: Approximately 3 months prior to a 2-day Instruction Training, the host organization purchases a Skills System E-Learning Group Membership for all training participants.
    – Dr. Brown sets up the Group Membership and submits an invoice to the organization.
    – The host organization designates Training Coordinator who is responsible to:
    ▪ Add the names/emails of training participants.
    ▪ Monitor the e-learning progress of group members.
    ▪ Disseminate information, links, and materials to the training participants.

Training Rates (2021)

Per/Day Rate: $6,500.

  •  2-Day Skills Instruction Training: $13,000 ($130 per person if 100 people attend)
  •  2-Day Skills Instruction and 1-Day Advanced Targeted Skills Instruction Training: $19,500.

Included in 2021 Rates

  • Trainers: Julie Brown, PhD. and Corey Gifford, PsyD.
  •  Zoom platform for 100 people or less.
  • Training handouts PDFs
  •  Google Drive access for 1 month after the training
    – Video of training sessions
    – Additional Skills System resources
  • Two 1-hour follow-up consultations for participants- Q & A formats.


Email Dr. Brown to discuss on-site trainings.