Testimonials from attendees of the October 2022, 2-day Training

“I loved it. Very informative and collaborative teaching experience. All the skills I learned was very handy and powerful. I will use it for my group therapy sessions. Thank you so much!”

“The skills training is going to be such a great resource to share with direct care provider. Teaching them skills will improve individuals quality of life.”

“Julie was a terrific instructor and was very helpful to get me signed in to the program. She made it easy to follow and learn the Skills System.”

“This 2-Day training uses up to date material and techniques to use in whatever setting of those that require our services. This training can benefit a Dr., Teacher, DSP, Social Worker and many others that serve disabled demographic. Great information that you could use same day.”

“Very interesting and organized. These are definitely skills that we should have in our toolbox. They go hand in hand with Social Thinking and will give us great ways to work with the clients (and ourselves) on regulation and mindfulness.”

“Great training! Great content! I have been in the healthcare field for 25 years and this training had new information and ideas that are easy to understand and easily utilized in my everyday work and life. THANK YOU for giving me new knowledge that will only assist me in providing better care.”

“Great step-by-step tools to help adults with disabilities learn how to set goals, stay on track towards achieving those goals, and how to refocus after a behavioral issue to get back to thinking about their goals. The 12-week program is all laid out for people to teach!”

“The 2-Day Instructor’s Training has been a wonderful experience, Julie and Corey are passionate and experienced instructors and have passed on a wealth of knowledge in a short time. Thank you!”

“This was truly a good learning experience. It is very detailed, and I was able to learn how this could apply to the setting I worked in compared to others.”

“I would recommend to anyone taking the training. I learned a lot that I plan on putting into practice with my patients/members/family/friends.”

“Great information and trainers were great!”

“This would be a great course for support staff that are learning about SKILLS and how to implement through generalization.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to use an evidence base tool that can work for work, and personal life as well. thank you Julie and Corey.”

“Julie and Corey did a great job of keeping things “real.” They provided humor and insights that made things much more applicable to me and my work.”

“Great training with practical skills that can be applied to working with people with cognitive challenges. Learned so much in the 2 days!”

“The E-Learning provided a basic structure of the knowledge, and the 2-Day Instructor Training provided a better understanding, an opportunity to ask questions, and a method of gaining perspective from others.”

“The 2-Day training helped me understand how to apply what you learn in the online skills courses 1 and 2. It helped make sense of it all and how to make the information useful with my clients.”

“Julie and Core provide amazing resources, an easily attended to approach to training, and fantastic scenarios that strengthen implementation competence.”

“Great training with practical skills that can be applied to working with people with cognitive challenges. Learned so much in the 2 days!”

“This is so easy to applicable to my DD/ID clients! It’s broken down in a simplistic manner that can be taught and discussed.”

“This training is comprehensive, accessible, and Julie obviously has a ton of experience which makes the training even more rich.”

“I loved all the information provided. I felt that the online trainings beforehand gave me a great foundation for the two day virtual trainings. Julie and Corey are so funny and engaging. The two days went by quickly and definitely wasn’t boring. It was also awesome to interact from people from around the world. It’s great to know that we’re all dealing with similar issues in the mental health field despite being in different parts of the world.”


“Great skills to teach our clients! Thank you!”

“This is essential information for providers serving people who have co-occuring IDD and mental health needs.”

“Great course! Very relevant to supporting people with DD. Good price!”

“The amount of information was perfect. It was easy to learn, follow and feel empowered I can do this.”

“This puts so many theories, concepts, skills, and strategies I’ve learned over the years into a clear, structured program that I anticipate will be incredibly useful with many individuals and different populations!”

“The Skills System is a multi-applicable way to approach helping clients help themselves. I support anyone with SMI or IDD client’s take this training to bolster their effectiveness and having a vast array of skills to provide to clients.”

“Took my learning of the skills based system to the next level and really helped me better understand the basics of the system and how to apply it with my clients and co-workers.”