Testimonials from our E-Learning members

“I really appreciated the breakdown of the system. The step-by-step instructions will be beneficial to my individuals.”

“I enjoyed this training and think it will be useful with clients.”

“Excellent for making sense of and enriching life and relationships.”

“Learning the Skills System has helped me as a mental health professional be able to use more visual cues and organized steps to assist clients in regulating their feelings, better understanding how their thoughts/feelings/behaviors align with their goals, and ways to help clients process their thoughts and feelings in more helpful and productive ways.”

“Thank you for your help. I hope that there is more lessons.”

“The second course was wonderful in how to effectively implement skills in tandem and in real life situations.”

“I learned a lot of things with this e learning. Very useful information!”

“It was helpful.”

“I learn a lot from this system.”

“I learn a lot in the e system training that I can use in solving every day problems.”

“Will benefit Individuals we support.”

“Very good!”

“I feel like Skills System was very good at explaining the information to us as well when we took the test it was similar.”

“Really great information, I am applying skills I’ve learned in this training into my personal life.”

“Easy – a great learning experience.”

“Thanks for the training opportunity with Skills Systems!”

“Professionally, I found the Skills System very helpful for boys and girls in our Intensive residential treatment facility.”

“The process was very helpful for recall, the information was interesting.”

“Interesting material.”

“The E-Learning provided an excellent understanding of Skills System and instilled a confidence to facilitate. Furthermore, an excitement to gain a comprehensive level of understanding required to support my clients going forward.”

“Easy to understand.”


“I’m really glad that I completed course one of the Skills Basics Course. I can already point to many situations where I can use the skills, both with co-workers and with the people I serve as a DSP.”

“I was so excited from the start to try a Skills System because this is a completely new and very different approach from every training I have ever had in this field. The Skills System is different because it teaches you not just how to teach people you work with about learning basic daily living skills but at the same time how to prevent, handle and deal with the situation when it happens by role-playing and using real-life examples. This E-learning is engaging and interesting but at the same lessens are short enough, so I was able to take them without being overwhelmed or putting off my other tasks and responsibilities.”

“Able to learn new details and tips that can help improve my work as a skills coach.”

“Like it!”

“The program is very user friendly!”

“I enjoyed the video and then exercises right afterwards rather than one large evaluation at the end. It allowed me to learn and then understand how to apply the information as well as be able to recall the information I just learned.”

“I enjoyed the program and it’s practicality.”

“I think that is very useful information.”

“Thank you. I learned a lot.”

“It was great information and can be used professionally as well as personal.”

“It was a creative learning tool.”

“I learned a lot from the skills training. I will definitely utilize these skills in my personal and professional life.”

“Great program, engaging and easy to understand.”

“I am very impressed with the Skills System by Dr. Brown. The program is simple to understand, easy to navigate, appropriate for children and adults, visual symbols and repetition help memorize the skills and coaching strategies reinforce the material. This system already has improved my thinking and I can see how it will benefit so many others.”

“Excellent course!”

“It was good and practical. I could listen at home and in my phone when my computer was out.”

“I recommend others to do Skills System training to support them to regulate emotion and maximize potential.”

“My client and I were able to connect the skills being learned to actual events happening in their life. I watched them understand the information and be able to reflect on their own improvements. My client was able to see where on the skills train they were struggling. They were able to identify where we could work on improving our skills and responses. “Clear picture” has been a life saver, both personally and professionally!”

“I learn new things and how it can assist in my work and personal. I am glad that I took this Skills System E-learning.”

“Thank you for the course, it was very interesting.”

“I’ve enjoyed the e-learning platform in conjunction with the workshop. It allows me to go back and review/reinforce concepts through video review.”

“I took this training so I could teach this material to my clients. The training was interactive and simple to use which resulted in effective retention of the material. Not only do I feel able to convey this information to my clients but I find myself using these skills in my personal life as well! Thank you for a great system and educational tool!”

“I feel I can use Skills System not only professionally with my clients but also personally.”

“The Skills education training is extremely useful professionally and personally. The role plays are very helpful to watch.”

“This program is good for learning basic coping skills. It was engaging and well broken down, so that it is easy to understand and does not get overwhelming.”

“A very good system that can help me professionally.”

“The online program is very organized, user friendly, and easy to understand. Well done.”

“Very insightful, helpful and well explained.”

“The e-learning system was very user friendly and helpful in understanding the Skills System.”

“Such good information about supporting emotional regulation in people with developmental disabilities, and neuro-typical people as well! Lots of great information, systems and cheat sheets for a very affordable price!”

“The courses was interesting and made me think about all my decision making steps.”

“I am learning new ways of communicating.”

“Great introduction to the Skills System training.”

“I enjoyed the first couple of courses.”