RAW Haiti and the Skills System

The Skills System sponsors a program called Recovery And Wellness-Haiti (RAW HAITI) that works with Haitian youth. Haiti has the highest levels of poverty in the northern hemisphere. Children and families often live in dangerous, unstable environments. Despite these hardships, it is a culture strong in resilience, faith, and joy.

Making changes in Haiti in complex; outside help has to be done carefully, so as to mobilize the Haitian people to make changes. RAW HAITI is a non-profit organization that offers resources to (1) Haitian youth and (2) supports to Haitian adults to develop and run youth programs aimed at building core capacities. These “coaches” serve as teachers, instructors, mentors, and team coaches for youth in and around Port-au-Prince.  RAW Haiti provides children safe learning experiences (e.g. classes and team sports) that focus on health, wellbeing, and leadership.

The hope is: By building all levels of competency, the children (and adults) will be empowered to make changes to reduce poverty, violence, and corruption in their country. Mobilizing Haitian youth and teachers with supports that scaffold their unique capacities is essential to ensure their New Generation thrives.

In addition to directly helping Haitian youth, the Skills System-RAW Haiti collaboration is an opportunity for the Skills System to better understand how to offer culturally competent supports to people living in environments like Haiti. On a micro-level, the Skills System Skills and Skills Coaching Strategies focus on helping the person reach their unique potentials and identities- the Skills System-RAW Haiti project parallels this process on a macro-level.

Please click below to go to the RAW Haiti website to learn more, to help, and donate.