Skills System Skills Coach Certificate of Specialized Knowledge

The Skills System Skills Coach Certificate of Specialized Knowledge testing process is designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to recall and coach the Skills System concepts in ways that are adherent to the model. It is recommended that anyone who is teaching or training the Skills System earn a certificate to increase the likelihood that they are working in fidelity to the model.

Earning the Skills Coach Certificate

There are four elements of this process: Passing online tests, completing an application, submitting a supervisor’s recommendation, and passing a 45-minute oral exam conducted via video-conferencing. Once the three online tests, application, and recommendation are completed, they can be uploaded by clicking the Upload Completed Certificate Materials button. Dr. Brown will review the information and email you about scheduling a 1-hour consultation session for the oral exam. The standard fee for a 1-hour consult is $250. Upon passing the exam and receiving payment, Dr. Brown will send a Skills System Skills Coach Certificate of Specialized Knowledge to the individual. A certificate is active for five years. An up-date oral exam is required to extend the certificate for each five-year period.

Note: Materials to be uploaded should be in Word (.doc), PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF formats.

Online tests:

Earning this certificate involves passing three free online tests at 90% accuracy or better. After finishing each test/exam, take screen shots of the scores.

  • Skills System Test
  • Skills System Exam
  • Skills Coaching Exam

Click on Test Center button to go take these tests.


Complete the certificate application, print/scan it. Click on the Certificate Application button to complete the application.


The applicant submits a supervisor’s recommendation. The recommendation should include the following information:

  • Supervisor’s role at the agency
  • Applicant’s role at the agency
  • Populations being served
  • Applicant’s Skills System training experiences
  • Strengths that the applicant demonstrates with consumers
  • Applicant’s anticipated role as a Skills System Skills Coach
  • Description of the supervision the applicant receives at the agency

Note: Individuals who do not have a supervisor may submit their CV.

Oral Exam

Once the three passing test scores, Certificate Application, and recommendation are uploaded successfully, you will be contacted by Julie or Dr. Corey Gifford to schedule your oral exam. If you don’t receive an email to schedule the exam with a day or two, please email Julie and attach the required materials. Once all the materials are submitted, Dr. Corey Gifford will reach out to schedule the exam and send a Zoom link.

Preparing for the Oral Exam:

It will be necessary for you to demonstrate free recall (without relying on visual aids) and provide examples of how to apply the following topics:

  • Validation Strategies
  • Quick Step Assessment
  • A+B=C Skills Coaching Framework
  • System Tools
  • 9 Core skills and elements within each