Cyber security is a TOP PRIORITY of the Skills System. We don’t just talk-the-talk, we Walk-the-Walk!

Skills System and Protected Health Information (PHI): When someone buys a Clinician Membership, the “clinician” or administrator adds people/clients to their E-Learning 25-Slot or 5-Slot Clinician account. This type of membership is a great way the share Skills System Skills (Course 1) and Skills Coaching Strategies (Course 2 [added in Spring 2020]) with clients and their families/collateral supports. Wide-spread access to skills and coaching strategies is designed to increase the generalization of skills and promote co-regulation in environments.

When the Clinician Membership administrator wants to add someone to their account, they type in the person’s name and email address. The E-Learning sends the new member an email that includes their personal login details. The new E-Learning member logs in and adds their “User Id” and password that is supplied. The Clinician Membership administrator can monitor the progress of the new member though the administrator’s E-Learning account.

The new member’s name, email and progress in the E-Learning is PHI. Although low-risk, this PHI falls under HIPAA guidelines. As of February 4, 2020, the Skills System E-Learning is Certified as fully HIPAA compliant. The Skills System has the following protections in place:

  • Dedicated, HIPAA compliant server in a locked environment
  • 24/7 Monitoring for HIPAA compliance/risk
  • Annual Third-Party Audit/Risk Assessment
  • Certificate of HIPAA compliance
  • Cyber insurance

These intensive IT security measures are crucial for health/mental healthcare agencies, healthcare insurance companies, and/or correctional settings that are interested in implementing the Skills System online training program. Once an organization has signed a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with the Skills System, more detailed descriptions of our security systems are available.

Our goal is to work with teams and further improve our security and compliance. The internet is a challenging environment, rife with risk. The Skills System addresses these factors directly to ensure the training program is a true benefit to agencies and all associated with the E-Learning. Click the button below to see the Skills System HIPAA Certificate.