Skills System Implementation Road Map

To learn more about implementing the Skills System model, please watch the Implementation video. It explains the 3-stage Skills System implementation process of Planning, Instruction, and Competency.

Implementation Road Map

Pre-Planning Free Consultation

Stage 1. Planning

Leadership Team Planning Session

Orientation Case Consultation

Stage 2. Instruction

Maximizing E-Learning

Running Skills Groups

Individual Therapy Strategies

Staff Training

Stage 3. Competency

Case Consultation

Skills System Infra-Structure


Program Evaluation


Julie Brown provides free and fee-based remote video-conferencing sessions for agencies. Teams are welcome to schedule a free initial Pre-Planning 30-minute consultation session to think through e-learning, consultation, and training options for your agency. Click on the Schedule a Free Consultation button below.

To initiate a fee-based team consultation related to Planning, Instruction, or Competency, click on the Schedule Team Consultation button.

To schedule a session outside of the available time-blocks, click on the Schedule Via Email button.

Rates & Payment

The cost is $250 per 1-hour and $125 for a half-hour sessions. After scheduling the session, press Payment Options to pay via credit card or check.