Alexandra Rosendahl Santillo
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Specialist psykologisk behandling / psykoterapi
Handledare och lärare KBT

In our work with DBT, we had many patients who did not manage the standard DBT-treatment, we really needed a method that suited our patients with cognitive difficulties and self-harming behaviors. Then we found the Skills System and we invited Julie Brown to Sweden. She trained us in the DBT-team and everything resulted in an published article in The international journal of Developmental Disabilities 2021.

Now is the time for the book  “DBT-SS Färdighetsträning Känslohantering vid kognitiva svårigheter” that explains DBT-SS in a simple way suited for the Swedish context, and how the method can be used both as psychotherapy and as individual skills training for patients with cognitive difficulties and how you at the same time involve close relatives and staff the to get the best result. We are very grateful for all the work that Julie Brown has done for this group, often forgotten but with great needs.

This method has given us new opportunities to offer treatment to groups that otherwise did not receive treatment and we are very grateful to be able to continue spreading the work with DBT-SS.