It has come to my attention that many newcomers to the Skills System and those who have been using the model for years are continuing to utilize the 2011 self-published text (The Skills System Instructor’s Guide: An Emotion Regulation Skills Curriculum for All Learning Abilities). I would recommend everyone invest in the 2016 Guilford Press version (The Emotion Regulation Skills system: A DBT-Informed Approach). While the core elements remained the same in the update, there are a few sub-skill changes that clarify Skills System mechanisms. The new text providers a clearer theoretical framework and more information about mapping the Skills System to DBT for those practitioners that are using the model within a DBT framework. Chapter 8 offers information about Skills Coaching (A+B=C) that is clearly better. Additionally, there are improvements related to the quality of the writing and graphics. Plus, the handouts are available through a free download to each purchaser!

If you have a fondness for the old version, it is reasonable to use a blended approach, integrating worksheets from both books if that fits your population. I dislike change as much as the next person- honestly, the On-Track Action is worth it here… for for yourself and your clients sake. The 2011 was a good start and the 2016 book is better. The Certificate exams are based on the new material. You can buy the new book through Guilford Press by clicking on the link below (It is the least expensive option

[around $28]). There has already been a reprint of the 2016 version, a few typos were found and fixed. Please email me with any thoughts/comments about the books that might be important to share with the Skills System community of users.