Course 2. Skills Coaching Strategies was added to the Skills System E-Learning in April 2020. Course 1. Skills Basics helps people learn important self-regulation strategies. When families, groups or teams learn skills, it helps them co-regulate together. Course 2. Skills Coaching Strategies will be completed after Course 1 and helps the person know how to be a skills coach for the people in their lives. This information is important for staff, practitioners, and parents. When we learn how to co-regulate, validate, and assist the people we care about get a Clear Picture, do On-Track Thinking and take On-Track Actions, it is great for them and us!

Course 2 will be added to the E-Learning for no additional costs. Individual/Group Memberships are $20 per person/per year (for Courses 1 & 2). Course 2 will be similar to Course 1. with short videos, fun graphics, practice exercises, badges to earn, and a Letter of Completion. Like Course 1., it will take approximately 3-hours to complete. In addition, the new Skills Posters will be a free download in Course 2 that help coaches communicate about skills and do shoulder-to-shoulder coaching sessions. Six hours of engaging, accessible, adherent training by the treatment developer, and integrated downloadable visual aids is a unique resource and opportunity.